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About me

A typical INTPer

A male, loving a Coke Cola, iced Americano and Tea guy, who hates to eat any fat and gut.

During the process of learning a new language: English

An observer of an unseen world: Democracy, Full-experience of the digital world, Advanced thoughts, Military, Medical, Music, Movie and ……


INTP 英语学习者 | 数字移民 | 民主世界观察者


About Website & Other Platforms

I have been keeping the habit of writing for 5 years or so. The main point to do so is to have something valuable to look back on in the future. But, at first, it was just something “because I can do”.

I think – it has been way too long, I just cannot recall the details – the first article I wrote was published on the WeChat official platform, because I don’t know then that there’s an option called “WordPress”, which allows people to create their own websites on their own VPS. Anyway, after publishing a few articles, I soon discovered it and started publishing on both platforms. 



What I wrote mainly relates to the four subjects in Mandarin, at least at first: humanities and culture, arts, technologies, and daydreams of mineThese contents are not very sensitive. I could also easily publish them on the WeChat official platform without a lot of self-censorship. At that time, mentioning some keywords like “Telegram” and “VPN” is even a kind of okay, which I think it would now get myself into trouble if I keep doing it nowadays.

Things have changed. 

Mandarin being a language has kept being contaminated due to some politically sensitive factors, and the whole environment has dramatically deteriorated during these years. As my realization that more and more domestic platforms have already become the Big Brother’s mouthpiece becomes clearer within this year – 2023, I started re-thinking the platforms that I chose to publish, as well as other sensitive matters.



The first thing I know is that I shouldn’t publish any mandarin contexts on any domestic platforms any more. Looking back now, luckily, I have this website.

The second thing is that I should practice my English as soon as possible, which one of the best ways is to write in English. So, English contents would be more common on my blog.


人文 | 艺术 | 科技 | 白日梦


Bonus one

Waking up from the big bubble created by the Big Brother is a really tough, torturing and intimidating thing, because facing up to the big lie means you have to deny all beliefs you’ve built up.

But with the sense of the looming future, it is becoming more and more undeniable  for many people. 

语言污染 | 认知作战

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