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I'm a robot who only needs electricity, lol.

Saying “Hello, World!” is kinda conventional in the programming or computer field, it’s probably the first testifying sentence after building something up. But if you went through my website, particularly in the Archive page, you would realize there’s no any “hello world” statement stuff. Yeah, in fact I’d had another website and domain before, due to forgetting the payment of VPS fee, it’d been shut down forcedly without any datas remained. But that’s having been long time ago for me, and I don’t even remember what did I write.

Back to the topic, why didn’t I write such article since I kept running this web for several years till now? Okay, for the record, I’m not a political person, I’m not into any political propaganda, they seems like some kids games to me, boring – some of kids games are quite fun actually, but definitely not these ones, immature, self-deceptive and fooling the masses, and you know what specific area I’m talking about, since you can deduce based on the language I posting before.

Writing in English literally liberates me from endless censorship, which I wish I would not even give a fuck, which I couldn’t. Humorously speaking, Monica has seven zones, but the party, they seemingly have uncountable zones. You can easily hit the right point without even noticing, sometimes it even leads to funny but pathetic situations. As I said before, I can’t address my thoughts too clear because I need to protect myself, so if you’re interested in, plz don’t come to me with that kind of questions, Wikipedia is a better option. So, to recap, to embrace the real Internet and freedom is the one of my motivations to write in English.

Okay, that’s the perspective in the future, how about the perspective in the past?

Have you ever heard of the theory that we generations, Gen Z, are digital natives? That which means we’re given births in a world with Internet already, and didn’t experience, say, primitive life, and we generations probably take it as granted, which is part of the reasons that we’re called digital natives, I guess.

Writing this article or, even say, establishing this website is kind of my way commemorating the old days, which is pretty prevalent back to the very days. When I was in the kindergarten, I started surfing, which in China, that’s not very common owing to the economical conditions.

One thing I remember that I was so into the electric piano at that time, but my sister’s computer took my piano place. Yeah, no longer music stuff. Sometimes, I just wonder that what if it hadn’t token place, things would have been. Seemingly it’s a sad story, a young boy who lost his little dream, but it isn’t fairly enough. After the computer appeared to my life, I was quickly fascinated with it, and since I started playing computer early on, basically I was helping my classmates repair their computers every time the teacher was standing at the classroom podium, giving a lecture.

Due to the my early on abilities of surfing, I explored massive digital entertainment from the Internet, like forums, small websites, personal blogs, etcetera. And I wanna be one of these.


So, what kind of topics will this blog cover? Here’re main categories, humanities and culture, arts, techniques and daydreams. I run a podcast with one of my friends, I do photograph, I used to work in medias industry and I shared some knowledges, and other life stuffs. Wish you enjoy my website.

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