Save yourself from the bad mood

Big things happened recently, and even now it’s still going on. I believe that just like me, lot of people struggled of their bad mood, especially we can almost change nothing at the end, it’s extremely frustrating. Feeling raging, panic, anxious or pain, but that’s ok. You don’t have to consistently blame yourself that you stuck in a bad mood. Feelings are what make you a human.

And in these days, I have paid attention to the development of these things, I also passed wakeful nights. I clearly know I can not be like this, I ruined my life day by day, just like I posted on my social media, ‘’I know it’s emotional, but I am still crying’’. Not only me, but also my friends cause the big things are going on.

Then one idea popped into my head, since I can deal with my emotion pretty good(in my personal view, and of course it’s need time), maybe I can write something to save ones from their bad moods, and at meantime practicing my English for preparing my future. And it can be a new categories in my blog, writing article in totally English.


Do some aerobic exercise

It’s not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health. In other words, you can’t separate these two things.

In my situations, I feel really chilled out that I run and playing music simultaneously, I like the feeling that the rhythm lingers in my ears.

I use Apple Music, I like its design, such gorgeous and it has a clean interface. I put my phone on the treadmill so that I can focus the album cover, lyrics, rhythm and breath at one time without any distinctions. And that’s why I prefer run in treadmill rather than outdoor.

Once you starting focusing something else, you can easily free from tortures of these bad emotion.


Try to do mindfulness training

Mindfulness activities can be really easy to do, taking a deep breath is sort of one kind of mindfulness trainings. I’m a Apple Watch guy, the watchOS contains an application called mindfulness, there are two ways of training inside, one is ‘breathing’, and the other one is ‘meditation’.

I do ‘breathing’ mostly, cause it’s such easy to do. There’s a tip in the description, and here you are.

‘’Breathe in and out, feeling the air of cold and the warm, focusing more on yourself. Touch your chest and feeling the bond of you and your heart deeply. Caressing your abdomen and calm down while breathing. ’’


Always see bright side of things

It’s dark time now, but even this, you need to realize that these big things are going like never before in a long time. Whatever the results, people are different from decades ago. I can’t say too much about this, it’s way to sensitive. But the only thing I must to say, ‘’Always see bright side of things’’.


Set a deadline for yourself

Everyone has the right of having a bad mood, if anyone said ‘’you’re weak’’, ‘’it’s not big deal, you made a mountain out of a molehill’’ or something else. I’m just gonna tell you they are so cruel that they maybe lost their humanity.

In my view, it’s good having the bad mood, but I suggest setting a ‘mood deadline’ for yourself. That means, once it’s time, you should stop hurting yourself by these emotion, and what the ‘Deadtime’ exactly it is, I trust you can make your own right decision for yourself.



Stay raging and be proud of yourself

‘’Stay Raging’’, it’s seemly opposite to the topic of this article, but again, feeling raging is why you’re a human, I believe after years, you will be thankful that what you sensed today, you gonna be proud of it just like we do.



At the end, maybe one of us can do nothing to the society, and even all of us can’t make any different to society in a short time. But be water, my friends. One day we’ll change the world. Before that take care.





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