🇨🇳 P.R.C’s & CCP’s Political System

“The East, South, West, North and Center; Party, Politics, Army, People and School; the Party leads everything." | “东南西北中,党政军民学,党是领导一切的。”


For most of people, even who live in the PRC for years or decades, it’s still highly possible that the political structure couldn’t be understood, especially when it comes to the difference between the Party and the State, as well as I did.

This is the very first step of learning politics for me. And, I believe that it would also benefit others like I did, so I decide to publish and share it with you. Moreover, this is a part of a series. In the future, I would also try to learn other nation’s political structures, like US, AU, and ROC.

Notice: During the process of searching and learning, I’m aware of that even wikipedia did uncomfortable censorship to some degree, although it’s much better than BaiduBaike(百度百科) in the terms of tools of information collecting and resources. So, if you want to dive deeper, I highly suggest you learn and do research in English. Other than that, if you’re a bi-linguist, it would be much better, and the comparison of the context in two different languages would surely bring sarcastic joys for you.

Anyway, please enjoy it. You can e-mail me if you find out something wrong.


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